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There are so many meaningless ways in which humans differentiate worth/value via such a limited set of physical attributes. Maybe that old Twilight Zone episode had it right. If we all looked the same maybe we'd treat each other differently. Though it's my guess that we'd also have to wear the exact same clothing and get around in the exact same mode of transit and all have exactly the same house and wealth. Now wouldn't that be a different world? Everyone on the same level all the way around. Beauty would have to be defined by something other than wide-set eyes, high cheekbones, perky breasts and a specific navel type, etc. It makes one wonder how many today are merely masquerading as human or are walking around in a more or less empty husk, 'attractive' as it may be. This is a 6 by 4.5 inches gel pen drawing with color pencil, color gel and acrylic paint. It is Original Jones Art's attempting to make sense of it all in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Marie josé LAURIER 10 Jul 2020

i like this one very much !!

Mark Peterson 24 Jun 2020

Nice one Charles ~

Artist Reply: Thank you, Mark! Hope things are going well for you in your neck of the woods. Ah, woods. Wouldn't mind taking a nice long walk in some. Anyway, take care and keep up the excellent work. :)

John Jones 24 Jun 2020

Always enjoy your work Just taking a moment to comment

Artist Reply: Thanks fellow Jones boy. Your comment is mucho appreciated. Hope you are doing great and not slowly going bananas, John. :)

Maria Anna Machado 24 Jun 2020


Artist Reply: Thanks, as always, for commenting, Maria. It's funny that the ones I'm a little ify about get more comments. Hope you are doing great. :)

Ginger Olansen 24 Jun 2020

Getting close to Picasso! Well done! Have a super day!

Artist Reply: Pablo and I would probably an interesting conversation that would end in fisticuffs. Not to say that I'm an ill-tempered man. Though I may be a little more so today than I was, say, mid-March, Ginger. Thanks for commenting. :)