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Per Corell 09 Jul 2016

derek southon 10 Jul 2016

Portrait of my good friend and mentor, the late Bro' Yusef Lateef. The painting is in oils, 32"x48" and was rendered during his appearance at the World Music Village in London.

Kaley Koch 06 Jul 2016

Mosh burlesque queen

James Seymour 06 Jul 2016

Here is my entry ,ballpoint pen on cream colored paper of my favorite version of Frankensteins monster .

Sarah MacNeil 06 Jul 2016

Colored pencil drawing of Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad

Roger Aaron Benoit 14 Jul 2016

Portrait of the singer Sting.

Andrew Wahrmund 14 Jul 2016

I'll post an entry into the celebrity portrait topic with this - which almost looks like a “selfie photo” from the past before cell phone selfies would become too popular. It was first taken using equipment from the 1950's when both models and photographers participated. Then along came computer editing and graphics software (Illustrator & Photoshop) to help bring a Marilyn Monroe photo into a 21st century artist's website contest with digital painting fun and special effects.

Ida Carina 13 Jul 2016

My submission!

Liz Jennings 09 Jul 2016


I would like to submit this pencil portrait of Robin Williams for the competition.

Thanks and regards

Christine Wex 06 Jul 2016

Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren, Orange is the New Black, sculpture, one-of-a-kind

Stefanie Fayard 11 Jul 2016

My "Celebrity Portraits" contest entry: crocheted floss. It's not a drawing, but it is 2-D, so I hope it's eligible!


Young Buffalo Bill was a portrait I did of one of America's most famous Wild West personalities. At one time the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show was the most famous act in the world.

james e. swarthout 08 Jul 2016

Tatiana Iliina 08 Jul 2016

Josh Holloway James 'Sawyer' Ford from TV Show "Lost" "Sawyer" 36"x48"

Donna Taylor 04 Jul 2016

18x24 oil on canvas titled "Weathered"

Michael Sherman 06 Jul 2016

Good luck to all and let's have fun!

connie van winssen 06 Jul 2016

This is our former queen Beatrix of Orange from the Netherlands. Oils on canvas, 20x20".

ken gemmell 09 Jul 2016

Amanda Seyfrid. pencil art

Joseph Barbara 07 Jul 2016

Acrylic on canvas Prismatic Painting measuring 70cm X 70cm, depicting Carlos Santana.

Kimberly Webber 06 Jul 2016

Hillary Clinton 36" x 36" earth pigments, oil on canvas (c) Kimberly Webber

This portrait was commissioned by HillaryPac, now Balance of Power Pac, after members of Ms. Clinton's Super Pac attended my solo exhibition of major oil paintings titled "Empowerment" in Los Angeles in 2014 at Bruce Lurie Gallery, (my LA dealer). The Pac is planning a big party/fundraiser/auction event on October 16th, 2016 in Los Angeles that will feature this original painting for auction. Attached here is the writing about the painting and the symbols of the charities that I included in the portrait from an interview in 2014.

?PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL? HillaryPAC commissions Taos artist to paint portrait of Hillary Clinton By Ariana Kramer Many years ago artist Kimberly Webber made a decision to focus on creating images that expand the consciousness of her viewers through their beauty and the possibilities they represent. She most often paints mythic archetypes and natural settings where tree, animal and human forms stand on equal footing. “I want to uplift and inspire,” Webber said. “That’s what I do.” It was for this reason that Webber says she was approached by HillaryPAC following her recent exhibition in Los Angeles. They asked her to paint a por- trait of Hillary Clinton. “HillaryPAC commissioned the painting after seeing my original paint- ings and discovering that my work revolves around the archetypes, usually the sacred feminine archetypes. They connected with my work as a medium to uplift and empower people,” Web- ber said. HillaryPAC is devoted to convincing Hillary Clinton to run for President of the United States in 2016 and electing a progressive Congress to serve with her. Sam Deskin, of HillaryPAC confirmed that as a SuperPAC the group does not work directly with Clinton, nor any candidate. To help their efforts, HillaryPAC asked nine artists, including Webber, to Courtesy Jennifer Esperanza Taos artist Kimberly Webber create portraits of Clinton. “HillaryPAC started a campaign of Artists Empowering Hillary. We wanted to capture Hillary’s strength in a way that has not been done publicly before. We thought original portraits would be a creative and fun way to do so,” wrote Deskin in an email to The Taos News. All nine of the portraits are being released on the PAC’s Facebook page, which has been “liked” by more than 400,000 viewers. The image of Webber’s painting was launched on Friday (Aug. 1). It will appear on T-shirts, prints, and other promotional items as part of a collector’s series designed to garner support for Clinton. The artists original portraits will be auctioned off in Los Angeles this autumn. Webber was given a few instructions for the piece, but much of it was left up to her creative instincts. As a basic starting point, the HillaryPAC team asked Webber and the other artists to use one of several selected royalty-free images of Hillary Clinton for their portrait. The artists were also asked to use a square composition. Otherwise, they were free to interpret the assignment as they chose. Webber said she felt honored to be invited to participate in the project. Initially, however, she had some difficulty with its political nature. “We have always had a policy in our Taos gallery to not discuss politics or mix politics with business. Period,” Webber said. “At Untitled Fine Art we consciously hold a neutral space for people to enjoy and experience sacred art and find momentary relief from everyday stress and conflict.” “I consciously look for the common ground in my life and work, beyond party lines, and focus on our humanity and the issues that affect all of us on this planet,” Webber said. “I am well aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton is a controversial figure. I had to work to move beyond my own disenfranchise- ment and skepticism to allow myself to connect with the possibilities of what it could mean for humanity and the earth to have a powerful, qualified woman in one of the most significant political positions on the planet.” WEBBER continues on Page 31 ????BER continues from Page 28 t was Webber’s ability to give form to the potential of feminine power that attracted HillaryPAC to her work. Artistically, the most intriguing aspect of her representation of Clinton is how she attempts to expands her piece beyond a mere portrait and into a vision for women’s leadership, and the future. In effect, she works with the symbolic presence of what Clinton could embody as a female president. “We approached Kimberly because we love her work and she is very in tune with women’s empowerment,” Deskin said. “So much so that she was exhibiting her art under the theme of empowerment when we learned about her.” Webber’s depiction of Clinton does not shy away from what it would mean for the former U.S. Senator, First Lady and U.S. Secretary of State to be elected President. Clinton appears in the center of the painting. She is depicted relaxed and confident, looking out- ward into a clear space, and she is speaking. Her jewelry shines from her ears and throat. Behind, and around, her are the sources of her strength and conviction. All are connect- ed by radiating circles of light and color. Webber incorporated into the painting additional images that showcase four causes that Hillary Clinton supports. Together, they create a window into Clinton’s vision for the future. A young African girl holding a goat represents Heifer International (www.heifer. org), an organization working to end hunger and poverty and empower girls and women by promoting family farming. She is placed prominently in front of Clinton’s heart, and she gazes towards the viewer as an image of the future. Stretching across the front of the painting is a group of wind turbines to indicate Clinton’s efforts to support renewable energy and address issues of climate change (www.stop- ???28 WEBBER continues from Page 31 golden French horn circles out of Clinton’s gold hair and refer- ences the importance of the arts, and specifically her support of music in the schools through the Save the Music Foundation ( Finally, an ancient tree stands above, and over, Clinton representing Avoided Deforesta- tion Partners, a group committed to advancing U.S. and international climate policies along with business incentives that protect tropical forests ( “Many of our portraits are fun and whimsical, especially some of the ones that are coming up,” Deskin said. “Kimberly’s piece is a work of fine art. It is amazing to us how she can paint with stone and earth pigments. And that is part of the reason why we were so eager to have Kimberly among our artists. She is a wonderful fine artist.” The painting is structured as a mandala, with Webber’s signature care for proportion and placement of her images. As with all of her paintings, the piece combines Asian and European painting traditions, using minerals, semi-precious gemstones and a multi-layered process to saturate the piece with color and depth. For her palette, Webber chose lapis, cobalt, turquoise and deeper Prussian blue tones with the warmer tones of Naples yellow, Dream orange and Bengal rose. Halos of soft gold, amethyst and forest blues and greens radiate outward from the painting’s center. They wash the piece in light that shifts depending on where the viewer stands. Webber’s piece is titled, “Hillary Clinton: Portrait of the First Woman President.” “My hope and prayer during the creation of the painting was that the formidable and high- ly qualified Hillary Clinton will make history by becoming the first woman president of the United States, set the course and lead us into a long overdue era of peace, health and prosperity.” says Webber in the artist’s statement appearing on HillaryPAC’s website ( “It is time for women’s wisdom, perspective and insight to have a voice,” she adds. “It is time to move past perceived bi-partisan differences to moderation and reason, to celebrate diversity and work together in the spirit of cooperation to create a peaceful world that is all of humanity’s birthright.” For more information on Kimberly Webber’s work, visit her online at