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Elena Sokolova 07 Jul 2016

This is my pencil drawing for the portrait contest

Scott Rose 06 Jul 2016

Gemstone Mosaic Portrait of Marilyn Monroe. First hand sketched then inlaid with Devonian age marble and semiprecious gemstones over 440 Million years old hand mined by the Artist. The portrait of Marilyn took 3 weeks to complete but should last for many centuries to come.

Bob Usoroh 06 Jul 2016

"I call Him History": History- the bridge that joins us with Time

Chikeyta McCloud 12 Jul 2016

Hugo Revuelta 06 Jul 2016

Lady D

Kathy Majewska 06 Jul 2016

For celebrity contest.

Schuyler Rideout 05 Jul 2016

"Angelina Jolie + Her Roses" 8" x 10" (Watercolor, india ink and acetate)

Loretta Nash 06 Jul 2016

I'm entering in to this celebrity contest. This is my choice image. Black and white acrylic paint on a vinyl record. This is actually one of a few that I have done that I still have around in my studio. It is of Johnny Cash. I signed it in red with the date 2015.

Lisa Ciaccia 11 Jul 2016

This pen and ink stippling drawing is of Stuart Goddard, the lead vocalist for "Adam & the Ants" A band from the late 70's early 80's when punk rock was just hitting the music circuit.

margaret laws 11 Jul 2016

i would like to enter my roy orbison portrait painting for the portrait competition ,painted in acrylics 14 x 10inches