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Christopher OLeary 06 Jul 2016

karie Miller 07 Jul 2016

This is a great opportunity. This is my Rihanna impression.

zelko radic 07 Jul 2016

Zelko Radic Bfvrp, Marylin Monroe, Digital art, 2560x1440 px, 2014. Greetings from Novi Sad, Serbia Zelko Radic Bfvrp

Amanda Hone 06 Jul 2016

Patrick Stewart - the awesome Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Stefani Wehner 04 Jul 2016

Armine Piloyan Vrteska 07 Jul 2016

Hello there, I would like to participate in the contest, so I am sending to you my painting of Frida Kahlo /oil on canvas/

Angeline Cousineau 06 Jul 2016

Title: When Doves Cry Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas Size: 18x24

Stacie Dowdy 07 Jul 2016

A sketch of Willie Nelson, done on toned grey paper by Stradford using graphite and chalk.

Melinda Perez 08 Jul 2016

Charleze Theron

Arron Kirkwood 06 Jul 2016

This is my painting called " His Highness" Portrait of the now deceased musical prodigy Prince.

Anneke Hut 06 Jul 2016

Johnny Depp, playing the character Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

gerard bahon 04 Jul 2016

The Duke and Mitch . Two of the Best .

cindy kelly 06 Jul 2016

Robert Mitchum This is a pencil drawing of the silver screen actor Robert Mitchum.

Sherry Winkler 06 Jul 2016

16x20 Oils Tupac

Prabhakar Bhosale 07 Jul 2016

I like to participate in the celebrity contest. The painting is of great jazz player Gerry Mulligan. It is size of 18"x24" and done in acrylic on the canvas.

Padmavathy Ragavendran 04 Jul 2016

Morgan Freeman, who can be more apt to his role as Almighty

Tameisha Harrington 06 Jul 2016

Rashad Jennings(New York Giants) used with colored pencils on Coldpress Watercolor paper!

Alejandro del Valle 06 Jul 2016

Hi artwanted, this is my work for celebrity portraits. my best wishes for all you

Enrique Nieto 06 Jul 2016

Hi everyone, this is a digital image, it has been one of my most difficult works, I usually make my images with traditional techniques and finally I retouch them in the computer, this one has been made directly with digital programs, I hope that you like it.

Edwardo setien 10 Jul 2016

Title: Young Bethoven Medium ; Oils

Technique: Fingerpainted oils on wood finished with brushes