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Wendy Allen 06 Oct 2019

Autumn colors

Wendy Allen 06 Oct 2019

Coffee break

HELEN LISHER 16 Nov 2019

Hi I was admiring a beautiful sunrise and I think CLOUDS would be a lovely subject for the competition. Helen

Babatunde Aremu 05 Jan 2020

Hello Artwanted, It's My pleasure to have join this community, I would love to suggest a photo contest, Abstract Story Submit. This contest consist on one image that as more than one image to show in telling stories... Please find attachment

HELEN LISHER 06 Jan 2020

Hi My topic is "frost and ice" which makes interesting photography. Helen

Al Budarin 06 Jan 2020

Frost ,& ice Photograph Y is a nice Idea,I don't see much of that,myself I'm a landscape painter I have many paintings of Frost & ice.,so yes I would like to see photo contest.

HkT 17 Jan 2020

What about a painting contest showing “anything that can’t be seen”? Such as sounds, energy or emotions?

HkT 17 Jan 2020

“Esoteric” themed contest?

Al Budarin 17 Jan 2020

HkT. Sounds, Energy Emotions ,,,,Done,I've just finished my canvas using all the above.,,,I know my canvas is Blank,but use our imaginations ha ha

HkT 17 Jan 2020

Painting contest using paint on canvas........without the use of a brush at any point. Either object permitted could be stated for all participants, or just open season on any tools or implements, other than any form of paintbrush?

Michelle Crumrine 12 Apr 2020

How about Joy as a cheery spring subject or new life?

Wendy Allen 12 Apr 2020

Waterfalls all media except photograph

Al Budarin 13 Apr 2020

I like the idea of waterfalls,they are mesmerizing, to me ,some very turbulent others very calming

Loren D Adams 28 Jun 2020

Future Art Contest ideas: 1. Original landscape paintings with or without people 2 Original Seascape paintings with or without boats or ships 3 Original Forest scene landscape paintings 4 Original Coastal Landscape Paintings 5 Original Artist's self portraits painting or drawing

Jonah Martin 27 Sep 2020

An idea that comes to me for an art contest is Everyone creates a collage featuring positive images in regard to the things experienced from the corona pandemic, featuring; "Hope for the future. "

Mark A. Lembo 01 Dec 2020

Contest ideas ...

Winter Blues - option a) Cures for the blues, or option b) predominantly blue works.

Spring Fling - works emphasizing motion

Nat Briones 15 Jan 2021

Ok I am new at this AW contest so I have an idea. Bridges in all mediums. Idea number 2: reflections in all mediums. I bet photographers would love THIS. Have FUN!

Digital Crafts 01 Mar 2021

Round images, all media.

Scott Alexander Jack 02 Apr 2021

July........"Born in the USA" a celebration of our countries birthday.

Ayala Aroyo 19 Jun 2021

animal kingdom paintings